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About Us

What is Season seekers?

As serial snow chasers (and occasional beach dwellers), the team here at Season Seekers identified a gap in the existing job searching platforms for something that fit the needs of the seasonal tourism industry.

Businesses operating seasonally have unique staffing needs and so do job seekers who are looking for seasonal contracts also having search criteria that is a little "out of the box".

And so, Season Seekers was born, a niche job board tailored specifically for the seasonal tourism industry. Helping companies access a more 'targeted' pool of job seekers and allowing potential season chasers to see all the avenues available for a seasonal contract.




The benefit of a niche job board is that employers can enjoy a simpler and more targeted approach to finding strong candidates to fill their job vacancies, thus ensuring that their adds are being seen by serious industry specific applicants only and not the broader job seeking community. This eliminates the treat of having to sift through time wasting applications to find the serious candidates.

Sure, mainstream job boards might mean that your add is view by more people, however Season Seekers ensures that your add will be viewed only by people in your industry specific community giving you a greater chance of better quality applicants for your position/s saving you precious time and money.

As a job Seeker, using an industry specific job board will save you time sifting through and filtering out job adds that aren't specific to what you are looking for. If you know what season you are interested in but not sure where you would like to go then simply search either snow jobs or sun jobs and enjoy the possibilities.

What can we offer?

Season seekers provide services to benefit both candidates searching for employment opportunities as well as employers with job vacancies to fill.

Our job dashboard makes it really easy for job seekers and employers to manage and action their applications



All job listings on Season Seekers are for the seasonal tourism industry only and fall into categories of Food and Bev, Operations, guest services, entertainment and management



Employers get the benefit of targeting a specific audience with their job listings eliminating the treat of time wasters applying for their jobs



Both Employers and candidates can stay up to date through our industry specific blog

Let the Adventure begin and good luck!

Founder of Season Seekers
Founder of Season Seekers

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