What is the seasonal tourism industry?

What is the seasonal tourism industry?

So now that you have visited you will have read that we are a niche Job Board for the seasonal tourism industry. But what is the seasonal tourism industry?

Well in a nut shell a seasonal industry is an activity in which all or a major part of its economic operations occur during only part of the year rather than all year round. With regards to the tourism sector we are talking about operators such as Ski resorts (and other business’s that operate with in ski resorts) or Tropical Island resorts that have a major influx of visitors at certain times of the year.

Because of the swings in operational activity these businesses incur during the coarse of the year their staffing needs are a lot different to that of other industries. A major portion of their staffing needs are only required during the peak of their operating season and then are not required in the off season.

Because of these influxes these businesses generally have a higher staff turnover which is why we created Season Seekers to help streamline this process for a niche market. The aim of Season Seekers is to create a specialized online community to connect business owners, operators and HR representatives with job seekers.

So as a job seeker what is the benefit of working in the seasonal tourism industry? The draw card for a seasonal position is the places you get to go! Job vacancies that you will find on are contract/temp positions in top tourist destinations. You will get to spend time exploring and enjoying these destinations whilst living and working there.

So now that you know what we are all about why don’t you create an account, take a look around, send us an email or leave us some comments? its free to sign up so let the adventure begin!


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