What to wear on the slopes this ski season

What to wear on the slopes this ski season

How to find your winter style?


So…. you have decided to break free of the 9 to 5 and go work a ski season. You have your employment, accommodation and lift pass sorted but how about your winter wardrobe? What is your ‘slope style’ going to be? What you are going to wear on the slopes is going to depend on what kind of skier or snowboarder you are.

Are you a snow bunny?

A snow bunny in a nut shell is an attractive girl (or a guy, but mostly girls) who is an absolute beginner on the slopes and is more known for her style and appearance rather than her on piste abilities. You will find snow bunnies frequenting bars and coffee shops on the slopes dolled up in the latest designer ski gear. Even though she will be wearing ski or snowboard boots you will rarely see her hit the slopes. So if your style is snow bunny what are you going to need?

• You are going to need the latest in designer outerwear and multiple outfits! If it does not have a designer label, do not wear it.
• A lot of Fur, at the very least your jacket, beanie and boots should have fur features, you will not be a true snow bunny without it
• Your colour of choice is WHITE, head to toe! It would be acceptable to add pops of grey, baby blue or millennial pink but your primary colour should always be white.
• To complete your look always make sure you have full glam hair and makeup and whatever you do, do not get caught actually using your lift pass.
• For Celeb inspiration channel Paris Hilton or Kin Kardashian

Are you a Park Rat?

Urban has some pretty hilarious and accurate definitions of a park rat. Basically, if you prefer to spend ALL of your time on the slopes hanging out in the terrain park rather than riding the mountain then you are a park rat and there is a pretty specific style you need to abide by so you can be easily identified.
First off if you are say of average height and build and wear a size M-L this is WRONG! The standard uniform of park rats is ridiculously large XXXL sized shirts or hoodies, often referred to as ‘Tall Tees’s’ worn over your outerwear. Other key style pieces of a park rat are:

• Large Head phones
• Either super baggy or super skinny ski pants
• Bandana (you must also carry back up bandanas)
• Bucket hat
• A key brand you will need to check out for your park rat style needs is Special Blend

Are you a cross country skier?

Cross Country Skiing is a great way to stay fit during winter as well as explore the picturesc winter wilderness. If you are going to be a cross country skier you are going to need a very different outfit to what you would wear if you are downhill skiing or snowboarding.
You are going to want light weight and breathable clothing that will keep you warm but not sweating during exertion. Your Cross-country uniform will include:

• Performance tights and base layer thermal top, light weight breathable and moisture wicking
• Soft shell jacket for colder conditions
• Skull cap to keep your head warm but not hot
• Bum bag to hold your water bottle and trail mixSee the source image




High Tech Skiier/snowboarder?

Do you like to track your vertical meters and lift tally on your resort dashboard while donning the latest technical skis or snowboard and high performance outerwear? Does this sound like you? If so then your high tech slope style wardrobe will need to include these key items

  • The latest in technical outerwear
  • Go pro mounted to helmet and one on a selfie stick so you can capture multiple angles
  • Skis or snowboard with the latest technical features (never be seen with out of date tech features)
  • Smart phone on hand so you can track your vertical meters on your resort dashboard



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